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How it All Began

Hi my name is Tim, and I'm the creator of Crwnd Omega. I built this brand completely by accident in 2011. The first name of it was BROHAMS, and was meant to be a joke lol. It was supposed to be a small group project for me and a few of my friends, but rapidly turned into what it is now. In all honesty the only reason it remained relevant  is due to the fact that it forged a later friendship and bond. After my friends and I started BROHAMS, we then started adding people to this little group. BROHAMS then became something else as we realized we all shared a passion for creativity. We all made music, had some art skill, and all around had wild imaginations. Mind you (to them), this was just a couple of guys in a group, but I saw something more. I saw a movement, something that could bring creative individuals together and thought to myself, how selfish would I be to isolate the world from my discovery.


Thus, CRWND OMEGA was born. BROHAMS began its metamorphoses, with a new look and name. It had the same idea, just required a stronger meaning. No longer just Bro's going Ham (if you had no idea what that meant), but bringing all people together. It changed into something more profound and promising, pulsing with life and begging to be seen. I wanted what I felt, to be felt worldwide. We were more than a couple of people, we were an established family, and family has no limits. 


Our Story

CRWND OMEGA means The Last Of Royals, in other words it's a brand believing we all have some lineage to royalty and should address ourselves as such. We are probably the last generation of the world's royal families, yet we neglect our birth rights of success and prosperity. Well CRWND OMEGA will remind you, You're Majesty. You are the modern day King/Queen, and we choose to see you as you really are. 


We are a brand solely devoted to today's people and intend on catering to them accordingly. A great number of brands would rather the consumer build them, yet our motive is to do the complete opposite. CRWND OMEGA intends on becoming a firm foundation for anyone with a talent, merely needing a platform to start from. We would love to help build dreams and aid life long passions. We plan on taken part in the building of, rappers, singers, performers, athletes, skateboarders, dancers, graphic designers, artists, others t-shirt brands, etc. We do not close doors unless it reflects something extremely negative and goes against all we believe. As a matter of fact we are always open for sponsoring, collaborations, and just working together. If you're interested in that and think we can help, don't be afraid to contact us. 


This brand wants you to feel like royalty. We want you to feel like you're apart of something so great. This is your brand, your family, and your dream.


Welcome Home You're Majesty.




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